42 days to the start of the IXth FINA World Masters Championships

Entries are coming in thick and fast and this will make this event by far the biggest aquatic event ever held in New Zealand.

If you haven’t already sent your entry in you need to do it now!
The courier address is:
World Masters Swimming
QE2 Park
Travis Road
New Zealand
Tel. 00 64 3 377 1700

Confirmation of Entries
Letters are being sent to all competitors this week confirming entries and other details such as tickets to functions purchased. You are asked to check this information through and should there be any corrections needed, send this back by email, fax or letter to:
The Organising Committee
FINA World Swimming Masters Championship
P.O.Box 2951
New Zealand
Fax: 00 64 3 377 1710
For those who entered on-line you can send your details (photo, ID etc ) by mail with a copy of your confirmation letter to the Organising Committee, or by email to info@greatevents.co.nz

On-line Registration and emails
Our apologies to those of you who have had your emails returned. The office has been inundated with emails, photos, on-line registrations etc to the extent that our mail box was overflowing several times a day. We now have that problem sorted so please bear with us as we work our way through them all.

The event website has been visited by close to 3000 users per week in recent times. During the event the results will be published within the hour so people around the world will be able to quickly find your results. There will also be photos on the site, of activities in and around the pool. Two weeks prior to the event the entire psych sheets will be available on the site. During the event, on the Mezzanine Floor at QE2, there will be a number of computers available for email access.

Shuttle bus
It is our intention to provide a comprehensive shuttle bus service, servicing the major accommodation areas. This service will run to the QE2 pool on a regular basis and to achieve this we will need to plan in advance the likely number of buses required to ensure your needs are met.
If you intend using the shuttle it will help us to meet your needs if we know this in advance. You can order this by email or fax. If we already have your credit card number we will debit that.
Pre-ordered shuttle bus tickets will be available at the Central Information Desk at QE2 when you register.

Both the Taste of New Zealand and the Farewell Dinner have sold very well and the Taste of New Zealand has to be extended to two nights to enable us to meet the demand. This means this function will be held on Sunday 24th and Monday 25th. As this was sold on the basis of first come, the later requests will be invited to transfer to the Monday night or receive a refund (if paid).
The Farewell Dinner will be a sell out and depending on entries and requests received over the next few days, it is unlikely that any will be available for purchase closer to the event.
The water polo function details will be sent directly to the teams entered and tickets can be purchased at the time of registration
Vegetarian food is available at all the functions. If you have a special request in this respect please advise.

Mobile phone in New Zealand
Don’t forget the message in the last newsletter - you can pre-book a mobile phone through Vodaphone Rentals and have your number before you leave home.

Stay in touch ... REDUCE roaming costs - FREE incoming calls if you
Rent a cellular phone whilst in New Zealand.
If you reserve you rental ahead of time
we can issue you with a local number which you can give
to friends and family before you leave home !
Credit card payment, itemised billing, peace of mind

Call email or fax VODAFONE RENTAL NOW !

www.vodarent.co.nz <http://www.vodarent.co.nz> Be sure to quote this reference number NBFINAWM when booking your rental
to take advantage of
special deal with
FINA World Masters Championships !

Sea Cruises
Sea Cruises were pleased that many people had contacted them about the offer in the last newsletter - a cruise and dinner on Lyttelton Harbour. Did you respond? You will be able to book this tour and all the others that are listed in the entry book and the website, at the tour desk during the event.

The Super Centre
This is the Mezzanine floor at QE2 pool. This is where registration, information and help desks will operate. Also, merchandising, massage services, internet cafe, cafe and bar, medal distribution, engraving service, meeting point (to meet your friends), spa baths, results area and any other things we can add to make you stay an enjoyable one.
And there will be a big screen with a live video feed from the 10-lane pool to ensure you know what’s going on down there!

Power Supply
The power supply in New Zealand is 230 volts. Overseas competitors who wish to use their own electrical appliances in New Zealand (computers, hair dryers etc) may have to purchase an adaptor. These are readily available.
See you soon

Neil Blanchfield and the team at the FINA World Masters Championships Office

Christchurch, New Zealand
email: neil@greatevents.co.nz
web: www.eventnz.co.nz
Phone: + 64 3 377 1700,
Fax: + 64 3 377 1710
Mobile: + 64 21 315 007